August: The Time for Bed Bug Control

If you suspect that you might need to call a bed bug control professional, your suspicions might be confirmed in August. Why? Because since the ban of DDT in 1972, the bed bug population increases every year, and each year, August is the peak month.

Bug Authority Controls Bed Bugs Better than Many Other Exterminators

Bed Bug Control BiopesticideUntil recently, professional exterminators have not had access to a method as effective as DDT, but Bug Authority uses a cutting-edge biopesticide to treat bed bugs that has only recently been made available. This method employs a natural fungus that kills insects but is harmless to humans, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Surprisingly, many other exterminators are still using old methods – extreme heat (130 degrees for 3 hours) and regular pesticides. These methods are very tedious for the homeowner and require multiple applications to even have a chance at success.

Professionals, who use these old methods, say that bedbugs are the most difficult pest for them to control. And rightly so. But, exterminating bed bugs is not a problem for us at Bug Authority. If you suspect that your home has bed bugs, don’t wait. Call Bug Authority to schedule an evaluation. We are the bed bug exterminator Nashville trusts.

How Our Biopesticide Method Works

Our bio pesticide bed bug control method is a simple process:

  • We spray the areas that the bed bugs will crawl through to get to their next meal – the perimeter of the mattress or bed springs, for example.
  • The bed bugs pick up the fungus on their feet and legs as they pass through the sprayed area.
  • They spread the fungus to other bed bugs when they return to their hiding places.
  • The fungus infects and starts killing the bugs within 20 hours, and the bugs die within four to seven days.

It’s simple for you too:

  • You don’t have to wash and enclose all your clothes in plastic bags.
  • No decluttering of the house is necessary.
  • Your drapes and upholstered fabric do not have to be treated or cleaned.
  • You don’t have to repeat the treatment multiple times.