Pest Control for Fire Ants Spring Hill

Pest Control for Fire Ants Spring HillSpring Hill residents, do you have some ant hills in your yard? Are they flat or cone-shaped and two to four square feet in size? If the answer is yes, you may have a fire ant problem. Instead of googling “best pest control for fire ants Spring Hill,” just give Bug Authority a call.

Professional Pest Control for Fire Ants Spring Hill Can Depend On

Bug Authority is a well-respected, locally-owned pest control company with an outstanding knowledge of pest control.  We offer professional pest control for fire ants in Spring Hill and the surrounding areas.

We Guarantee our Whole-Yard Treatment for Six Months

While we can treat individual fire ant mounds, the best value comes from treating the entire yard. Simply treating individual mounds allows the ants to to relocate and establish another mound.

Treating the entire yard guarantees that the entire colony including the queen is exterminated. When we do a whole-yard treatment (up to 1 acre), we guarantee our work for six months. We are able to make this guarantee because our treatment has a residual effect that keeps on protecting your yard.

The Importance of Controlling Fire Ants in Your Yard

The venomous, dark reddish-brown fire ant is an invasive species found throughout the southern part of the U.S. The fire ant actually bites and simultaneously stings the area of the bite multiple times. That’s one reason the bite/sting is so painful. In about five percent of cases, the venom it injects can actually cause anaphylactic shock.

Fire ants don’t usually “attack” unless you disturb their mound. They like to build their nests in loose damp soil outside, but they will go inside if they have access. Then your problem escalates. Fire ants can gain access to your home through an HVAC system, AC unit, or cracks in the exterior of the house.

Satisfaction Guaranteed for Controlling Fire Ants in Spring Hill

Find out more about the pest control Franklin TN residents depends on – offered by Bug Authority and guaranteed. We also service Brentwood, Nashville, and other surrounding areas.