Our Story

Bug Authority is a locally owned and operated pest control company started by Franklin, TN resident Gary Moore. (Read Gary’s story below.) With a lot of hard work, passion, and love of serving people, Gary has grown Bug Authority into one of the leading pest control companies in Middle Tennessee.

Why Choose Bug Authority for Pest Control?

Clients choose Bug Authority for pest control because of our outstanding knowledge of pest control, technical service, top-notch customer care and welcoming personal touch. Plus, Bug Authority is experiencing unprecedented growth as residents of Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Thompson Station, and beyond are realizing that they prefer the personal touch that only a local company can offer.

A Team of Great People

Our team of committed pest control techs and office administrators works tirelessly to serve our customers with integrity, professionalism, and knowledge. Gary requires that his team members do the right thing even when no one is looking. Our customers trust Bug Authority, and we strive to humbly perform our individual roles with excellence.

Meet Gary Moore, Owner of Bug Authority

How I Got Into the Pest Control Business
My first job after college graduation was in pest control. I made a commitment to keep that job for one year only until I found a career path that would be more aligned with my college degree. It didn’t take long though for me to realize that I was helping people, and that’s where I find tremendous satisfaction. So, much to my surprise, I had already found what I love to do, and there was no need for me to look further. Now 35 years later, I’m still in pest control, and I still love helping people every day.

How Bug Authority Began
For 25 years, I worked for other pest control companies, but I was getting more and more frustrated with the number of times I heard the companies say, “We can’t do that”. It wasn’t that something was impossible to do, rather the commitment level to the customer just wasn’t there. After all those years, I knew the time was right for me to start my own business and operate it with integrity, honesty, and a high regard for people who need my help. My attitude is different. My attitude is to keep my customers happy by always putting them first. This way, I can find a way to say, “Yes, we can do that”. I could see that the art of true customer service was disappearing from this industry, but my core values require that I place great emphasis on people first and profitability second. With those values, and my love of helping people instilled in my work ethic, I started Bug Authority in 2013.

A Relentless Commitment to Customer Service
We service the pest control and termite control needs of homes and businesses throughout middle Tennessee, but I gain great satisfaction knowing that pest control and termite services aren’t the only things we deliver; we also deliver peace of mind. Our relentless commitment to an exceptional customer experience allows us to make a lot of friends along the way. And I love making friends.

Giving Back
My love of people has led me to become involved in an exciting charity organization called P.E.S.T. Relief International. I serve on the Board of Directors as the Director of Fundraising and Business Connections. We provide comfort and relief to orphaned, abused, and at-risk individuals through safe shelter, nutrition, education, physical and emotional health, and spiritual enrichment. If you’re interested to know more, I invite you to visit www.pestreliefinternational.com. My involvement in this charity gives an extra layer of meaning to all that I do at Bug Authority.

Thankful for My Great Team
Finally, I don’t do this alone. I’m very grateful for the team that works alongside me every day. They work hard to help people while upholding my requirement for honesty, integrity, and a high regard for people’s needs. They share my values to help people and say, “Yes, we can”.

You’ve heard a lot from me, but I invite you to read what others are saying about Bug Authority.

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