Mole Removal and Treatment for Burrowing Pests in Your Yard

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Does your yard look like it has tunnels just under the surface of the ground? Or do you have unexplained mounds in the yard? If so, you’re likely searching for mole removal services in Nashville, Franklin or Brentwood.

However, those mounds could be any variety of burrowing pests such as moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs, ground squirrels, Norway rats, etc. All these burrowing pests cause damage to your grass and some, such as voles, cause further damage by eating the roots of plants and bulbs planted in your flower beds. 

Our Approach to Treatment for Moles and Burrowing Pests

Bug Authority uses IGI Pesticidal CO2. This approach focuses on the humane extermination of the pests, and studies find IGI Pesticidal CO2 to be in the range of 93% to 97% effective.* A gas application only takes a few minutes to fumigate a burrow complex (depending on the type of animal being targeted).

A single service can control a majority of the population depending on the severity of infestation. However, heavy infestations may require regular service to keep the population under control. And it also will take additional treatments if new pests enter your yard from neighboring yards. 

Are CO2 Treatments Safe?

The CO2 treatment we apply has approval for use in municipal, residential, commercial, and field settings. Additionally, the USDA National Organic Program certifies it for use in pest management.

The gas is non-flammable, invisible, odorless, and leaves no residue in soil or other spaces. CO2 is also safe to use next to occupied buildings.

The treatment applicator is simple and does not disturb your yard in any way. The treatment is also quiet. Pest generally die inside the burrows, so there is no clean up necessary afterward.

Contact Bug Authority for Mole Removal and Treatment for Burrowing Pests

Customers who face the irritating problem of burrowing pests are typically thrilled with the reduction of pests in their yards. At Bug Authority, we stand behind our service and guarantee customer satisfaction.

So if you have burrowing pests, call Bug Authority at 615-472-1292 for a complimentary evaluation. We can access the amount of infestation and initiate the treatment protocol right away.

*Note: We do not administer the CO2 treatment in temperatures below 40 degrees.