Brown Recluse Spiders – Mt. Juliet, Donelson, Hermitage

With Brown Recluse Spiders every customer wants to know how they are doing in the overall control of the spiders?  When treating brown recluse spiders in Mt. Juliet, Donelson and Hermitage the question is sometimes difficult to answer based on the time of year and the unique construction challenges pest control companies face when servicing for the BRS

brown recluse spiders mt juliet donelson

However, one thing is always the same….the math!  How many BRS were there last May compared to this May?  How many in June of this year versus June of last year?

Brown Recluse Spider Season in Mt. Juliet, Donelson, Hermitage

The Brown Recluse Spider season begins in mid-to-late May and continues all summer long into September-October in Tennessee.  Therefore, all customers should expect more increased activity and sightings in late May or early June.

At Bug Authority, we focus on dropping the population inside over time and identifying how and where are the spiders coming into the home to prevent more numbers adding to the mix.  So the math matters!  Less spiders coming into the home from the outside—less spiders foraging every year based on the previous year—less population of spiders in general as the service ages.

BRS infestations are most prevalent in and around old established neighborhoods with old tree growth therefore they are always bad around lakes.  The Hermitage, Donelson, and the older areas of Mt Juliet that surround the lakes definitely have more activity from BRS than other areas of Nashville.

Equipped to Handle Brown Recluse Spiders in Mt. Juliet, Donelson, Hermitage

Bug Authority is better equipped than most pest companies to handle the difficult task of managing BRS control because of the following factors….

1) commitment to the time on each service visit to target all the known activity sites

2) expertise to effectively read and analyze the infestation data from the monitoring stations

3) transparent approach to point out all areas around the home that customers should alter/change to discourage BRS harborage

4) extensive knowledge on normal BRS nesting sites

5) commitment to using the best formulations and chemistry to combat the BRS

Characteristics of Brown Recluse Spiders Mt. Juliet, Donelson, Hermitage Residents Need to Know

  • The Brown Recluse has six eyes, or three pair, when most other spiders have eight eyes or four pair.
  • It is commonly known as the “Fiddle or violin” spider because of the fiddle shape marking on it’s back.
  • They can go for as long as a year without food or water.
  • The Brown Recluse habitate in dark cluttered undisturbed areas such as rotted out tree stumps, storage sheds and attics.
  • They feed on soft bodied insects like moths, flies and other spiders. They are also cannibals and will not hesitate to eat themselves.
  • They are more prevalent in living areas during the summer months.
  • Most bites occur by accident, rolling over on top of a spider in bed, putting clothes or shoes on that have not been worn for a period of time, or killing the spider while on the body.
  • Key treatment methods will focus on the female.