Controlling Yard Pests

After being “safe at home” and being cooped up inside, people are anxious to get outside. They want to start enjoying the outdoor spaces of their homes. The spring rains have made the yards in Franklin and Nashville lush and green, and all the more inviting. But your yard may also be inviting to ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. No one wants to move from COVID-19 to  Lyme disease, Zika, or any of the other diseases that pests carry. So now it’s time to think about controlling yard pests.

You can protect your family from these pests, and the diseases that they can transmit, with monthly yard pest control by Bug Authority. Please give us a call for more information.

You Can Depend on the Professionals at Bug Authority for Controlling Yard Pests

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a number of pesticides for residential yard applications, saying they are effective when used properly. At Bug Authority we use only EPA-approved products.  And our technicians all have  professional training in the proper treating techniques. Additionally, our technicians know how to treat in a way that minimizes the drift of chemicals into non-target areas.

Using an Integrated Approach

In addition to monthly spraying, it is important to use an integrated approach in controlling yard pests. As the homeowner, you can do several things to reduce the insect population around your home by “manipulating the habitat.”

For example, you can make the habitat less inviting to ticks by keeping the grass cut and by removing leaves and brush. To disturb a mosquito’s habitat, you should eliminate standing water in pet dishes, bird feeders, planters, and so on.  Fleas can’t live in grass, but it is important to cut back brush and keep wildlife out of the yard to control flea populations. Fleas love places that are shady, where the air is still, and there is relatively high humidity. Typical hiding places include under porches or decks, so recommend that you keep your pets out of these areas.