5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Termites

Termites are a growing issue across middle Tennessee for homeowners. Since termites eat wood from the inside out, many people don’t realize they have termites until it’s too late. So what are the signs that your home may be infested with termites? We have listed the top 5 signs your home may be infested with termites.

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1) Your home is over five years old

If your home is over five years old and has not been treated for termites or been placed under a protection program, termites have had time to make themselves at home and begin making a meal out of your house!

2) You have chronic ant problems

While the occasional ant in your home is to be expected during the warmer months, chronic and severe ant problems can be one of the biggest indicators of an unseen termite infestation. If the ants have been out of control, let Bug Authority know and we can treat the ants and also arrange an inspection of your home to check for underlying issues.

3) Your crawl space is humid and musty

A crawl space that is trapping moisture can not only create all sorts of energy and air quality problems , but it also creates conditions ripe for termite infestations. We’d be happy to take a look at your crawl space and discuss ways to address the moisture issues and make sure that termites aren’t getting comfortable down there!

4) You’ve added a new addition to your home in the past five years

Even if your home was treated for termites when it was first built, the new addition you’ve recently added may not have been. If you’ve recently added on to your house or are considering doing so, let Bug Authority know. We’d be happy to inspect and provide some treatment options for the new addition!

5) You have wood to ground contact outside your home

Everyone knows that termites love wood. That’s why it’s so important to keep the wood as far away from your home as possible. Take a minute and move the pile of firewood away from the exterior of your home. The same goes for any leftover lumber from your recent project, the tree limbs that you had chopped down, and so on. If you think you see termites while you’re hauling it away, let Bug Authority know so we can set up a complimentary inspection to make sure the termites haven’t begun sneaking their way into your home!

Schedule a Complimentary Termite Inspection

If you are seeing any of the signs above at your home then the next step is to schedule a termite inspection. Call Bug Authority at call at 615-472-1292 to schedule a termite inspection or fill out the form below.

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