Flea Pest Control for Your Yard

When we think of fleas, we worry about our household pets coming down with a case of them. But our yards can be a victim of fleas too. Bug Authority can provide flea pest control for your yard in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and throughout middle Tennessee. 

Controlling Fleas in the Yard with Pest Control Yard Treatments

Flea Pest Control for Your Yard Nashville Franklin

There are several ways to prevent fleas from infiltrating your yard.

  • Check your pets often. If they carry fleas, these fleas might appear in your yard.
  • Control the wild animals. If your yard is often frequented by wild animals, you will need to find a way to prevent them from entering. Fencing can help or sealing areas where they might hide.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outside. They might pick up fleas left by wild animals.

Treating Fleas in Your yard

Once your lawn if overrun with fleas, there are ways to treat them and prevent their return.

  • Hire a professional. Insecticides need to be applied to kill the fleas.
  • Create barriers. Remove all leaves, brush and large plantings from around the house. Use an insect killer around your foundation.
  • Mow your lawn. Long grass gives fleas a place to hide. 
  • Mulch with cedar. Because fleas hate cedar, mulch areas where your pet likes to rest.
  • Encourage sunshine. Fleas like it dark. Prune your trees and shrubs.
  • Clear clutter. Clear your yard of debris where fleas could lay their eggs. Crawl spaces under a deck need to be cleaned.
  • Check your home. If fleas have invaded your home, call a professional to get rid of them immediately.

Let the Experts at Bug Authority Provide Flea Pest Control for Your Yard

Fleas are truly pests. They can lay up to fifty eggs a day and live up to two years. Bug Authority is your Franklin Pest Control experts and the answer for controlling fleas that infest your yard. Call us today about all of our yard treatments.