German Cockroach Infestations Can Be Difficult to Eliminate

Persistent German cockroach infestations are frustrating. Sometimes, even when a pest control company thinks they’ve done everything right, the pests can come back. But at Bug Authority, we have tactics to help solve the most challenging German cockroach problems. 

Bug Authority’s Tactics for German Cockroach Infestations

These are a few of the tactics that we use for difficult infestations:

Find All the Harborages

The areas that are easy to treat obviously get treated. But the really deep harborages (places where the roaches live and breed) must be found and treated as well.

To find harborages, it is necessary to set out monitors (sticky traps) in many locations. Harborage is usually very close to the sticky trap where a roach has been caught. (Roaches stay within a few feet of their harborage if food and moisture are available.)

Continue Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring indicates whether treatment is working and helps find the spots that need more treatment. Monitoring also indicates when it is time to make any necessary adjustments to the planned protocols.

Use Multiple Types of Treatment

Roach treatments include gel bait, dry powder bait, and liquid insecticides. Each type of bait has a purpose, and our professionals will use the most effective baits for each situation. We also rotate the baits to reduce aversion to the bait and resistance. Roaches can mutate and become resistant to active ingredients. But, when we rotate the bait, we kill any roaches that survived the first active ingredient. As such, they can’t reproduce and create a new resistant generation.

Call Bug Authority If You Have a German Cockroach Infestation

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