Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

In this country, bedbugs were very scarce from the 1950s to the late 1990s. But when they returned, they came back with a vengeance. Bed bugs are now a world-wide problem, and getting rid of bed bugs yourself is very, very difficult, if not impossible. At Bug Authority, we are your locally owned Nashville bed bug control experts and we serve clients in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and throughout middle Tennessee.

Why Is Getting Rid of Bed Bugs So Difficult?

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Bed bugs can, and do, infest even the most upscale, clean homes and businesses. Unfortunately, no place is immune from these pests, and they are incredibly hardy. 

They can:

  • survive hot and cold climates
  • live anywhere 
  • go without feeding for extended periods of time

Although their name would imply it, bed bugs are not limited to living in beds. They can live in any upholstered furniture, wall moldings, under wall-to-wall carpet, and under spaces between floorboards. They can even live behind bookcases and art that is hanging on the walls. They like to stay in dark places, and their eggs are tiny and well-hidden.

All in all, they are the “perfect nightmare” of a pest.

There are treatment options available in stores for getting rid of bed bugs yourself, but bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to these types of chemical. You might make a dent in the population by using over the counter aerosols, but a professional exterminating service is necessary to actually get rid of the bed bugs entirely. 

Bug Authority Provides Professional Help for Bedbugs

Because bed bugs are so incredibly resilient, it takes a professional approach to get rid of them completely. At Bug Authority, we have the expertise and years of experience to truly solve your bed bug problem. Additionally, our treatment is safe for pets and children. 

Bug Authority is your dependable, pest control expert. If you have a bed bug problem, call us today… help is only a phone call away.