Importance of Termite Inspections for New Homes in Brentwood

A note from Bug Authority owner Gary Moore about the importance of termite inspections and protection in Brentwood, TN. Bug Authority is a locally owned pest control company in Brentwood, TN specializing in termite inspections, bed bugs, brown recluse spiders and general pest control services.

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Why Get a Termite Inspection on Your New Home?

You may not think it necessary to get a termite inspection or treat a brand new home in Brentwood, TN for termites. But, the truth is that it’s more important now than ever to treat your Williamson county home for termites and to have termite protection as early as two years into the life of your newly built house!

Why Termites Are Accessing New Homes in Brentwood

As the building boom in Brentwood continues, builders, in general, no longer soil poison the ground when building homes. That means there is nothing in the soil keeping termites from accessing your home and doing considerable damage.¬† Now to be fair to builders, most have transitioned to treating the wood to protect against subterranean termites, but my 30 years of experience inspecting for termites here in Brentwood has shown that wood treatments won’t stop termites from entering your home.

Unfortunately, Brentwood, TN hosts many of the conditions that make homes prime targets for termite activity. Most crawl space homes have way more of the moisture and relative humidity that termites love, making the wood and flooring under your home a tasty treat for sure.

Getting your home checked annually for termites is critical in Brentwood due to the ideal breeding conditions. Termites do over 5 billion dollars in damage annually, not covered by homeowners insurance. When it comes to termite protection, we find that it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Brentwood Homes Age 5-12 Showing Termite Damage

Through our termite inspections, Bug Authority finds most infestations from subterranean termites in Brentwood homes age 5-12 so getting your home treated early is vital to keep your home protected. Most homeowners in Brentwood don’t even know they have termites until damage has already occurred. There is nothing worse than having to spend extra money to fix the termite damage and treat the house when simple protection is all that’s needed.