Overwintering Pest Control: The Time to Treat Is Now

Overwintering pests include cockroaches, Asian lady bugs, stink bugs, and swarming flies. Box elder beetles can also be a problem for you if you have box elder, maple, or ash trees nearby. Late fall is the time to treat for these pests that seek safe harbor from the winter cold in your home. And Bug Authority is the company specializing in overwintering pest control Franklin TN residents have been depending on since 2013.

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Give us a call today to schedule your treatment. When your heater comes on this winter, you’ll be glad you treated this fall. That’s because overwintering pests come out of their hibernating places in your home when the heat comes on. The warmer temperature makes pests think it’s spring, and they need to wake up and search for food and water.

About Bug Authority’s Overwintering Pest Control Treatment in Franklin

Our treatment uses a spray that kills and repels over insects with a residual control (or long-term effects) that will last 45 – 60 days. We spray 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the foundation of your structure. Additionally, we spray window frames, door frames, eaves, soffits, garage doors, rain gutters, electrical/plumbing penetrations, and any crack and crevice we find.

No interior service is normally done for these pests. Homeowner can use a vacuum to suck up insects inside or work on better sealing them out. Attic foaming is also a very successful strategy to seal out overwintering pests.

Things You Can Do Yourself to Aid Overwintering Pest Control

Our experts advise you to do your best to prepare for overwintering pest. You can have the greatest effect on overwintering pests by sealing up entry points. Here are some places you should look for cracks, gaps, holes, and damage:

  • overhanging vents
  • chimney flashing
  • grates
  • door seals
  • window facings and sills
  • window screens
  • electrical/plumbing penetrations (gas lines, faucets, etc.)
  • the foundation of your home