Pest Control for Restaurants and Food Services

No one likes a fly, regardless of the size. But small ones, known as phorid flies, are pests that can be a health concern. Because they are common where food is prepared, they need to be dealt with immediately. My Bug Authority provides pest control for restaurants and other food service companies. You can rely on our expertise and years of experience in Nashville commercial pest control to take care of any infestations you might have. 

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Preventive Pest Control for Restaurants

In a restaurant, cleanliness is the key to preventing a phorid fly infestation. Phorid flies can breed in many different environments, and they love rotting produce and meat. These are a few areas where these flies can be found:

  • Drains and grease traps
  • Trash containers and dumpsters
  • Storerooms where fruit or potatoes are stored

Obviously, you should keep these areas or items clean. It’s also a good idea to have regular dumpster pickups so that rotting food is not sitting too long.

Note: Phorid flies can be a problem for homeowners too. Other places that phorid flies can breed in a home are in litter boxes. You should also be diligent about cleaning up food that has been dropped and might be “hiding” under couches or beds. 

When It’s Time to Call the Professionals

Phorid flies are difficult to eliminate once they are found because they can breed in spaces that might be overlooked by nonprofessionals.  Any unsanitary area can be a breeding ground. That’s why an inspection by a respected pest control is necessary.

A pest control professional will inspect the outside and inside of the building, looking for moist areas where the flies might breed. Other areas to inspect include, drains, plumbing, and all areas where moist, organic matter has accumulated.

Many people regard flies as a nuisance and nothing more. At Bug My Authority know the health risks they can pose. So if phorid flies are a problem in your establishment, give us a call today.