Pest Control Specials

Initial Pest Control Starting as Low as $179*

Our initial pest control service offer is our generous way of saying, “Welcome to Bug Authority. We’re so glad you called!”

Here’s What Your Initial Pest Control Service Includes:

  • The interior of your home will be inspected and door entries and other pest harborages will be effectively treated.
  • We will apply an exterior residual barrier to control crawling insects and spiders.
  • Your garage will be treated with a residual product.
  • Insect traps will be installed around the garage doors and the insect activity will be monitored at future visits.
  • Exterior cobwebs (that are accessible with our long-handled webster) will be removed from around your home.
  • If evidence of mice is discovered, appropriate rodenticide bait stations will be placed in areas of activity.

At Bug Authority, we desire to provide you with an outstanding value while delivering results that you can count on for all your pest control needs.

* The Bug Authority $179 initial charge for service requires an annual quarterly or bi-monthly service agreement and initial back to back** services. The service agreement is for general pest control and does not include Bug Authority specialty services. For homes exceeding 3,500 square feet or outside the Bug Authority coverage area, additional charges may apply.

**our second visit will occur the month after your initial service

Call (615) 472-1292 today to take advantage of this pest control special and start protecting your home!