Four Things That Can Attract A Rodent Infestation

Any home can be at risk for a rodent infestation, and an infestation can become an expensive and complicated ordeal if it’s not handled properly. Even more importantly, you and your family can be exposed to the diseases and parasites associated with rodents. Bug Authority, the leader in pest control in Franklin TN, would like to share the four ways in which rodents can be attracted to your home. And how this attraction can lead to a rodent infestation.

1. Poor Home Maintenance

It is important to pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of your home and yard. Rats and mice can have easy access to food and water sources if a home is not well maintained. Bits of garbage here and there can attract rodents. They often invade houses in search of food and a place to raise their young, and if they find what they’re looking for, they’re likely to stay. Surprisingly, an unattended bird feeder may also attract them. Likewise, nuts and fruits from trees draw rodents.

Rodent Infestation - the Beginning

3.  Seeking Shelter around the Home

Rats and mice seek out potential nesting sites for their young. Leaf piles can serve as nesting sites. Piles of firewood also entice rats and mice as shelter for them and their offspring. Discarded furniture and automobiles often prove attractive for rats and mice to seek shelter as well.

2.  Seeking Shelter within the Home

Rodents can squeeze through very small spaces to gain entry into a home. Be sure to check for gaps in windows, ceilings, plumbing, and gas lines. If your home is older and built with wood, be aware that rats can gnaw right through that wood. 

4. Variable Factors

As temperatures get colder, rodent infestations become more prevalent. Rats and mice want to stay warm so they burrow deeper and stay inside longer. A scarcity of food sources during the winter can draw the rodents into your home as they seek survival.

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