Yard Pests – An Integrated Treatment Approach

Hot, muggy weather has hit middle Tennessee. And as we told you in our last blog, mosquitos thrive in hot weather. So, the mosquitos are out in full force, and they may also be sharing space in your yard with other summer yard pests such as fleas and ticks. 

If you’ve been following our blogs for spring, you’ll know that we began with a blog focused on ticks and their treatment. The next blog focused on fleas and their treatment. And finally, last month’s blog focused on mosquitos and their treatment. In each blog, we dealt with a single pest. The good news is that the solution for all the pests in your yard can be handled with an integrated treatment. You don’t have to treat each one separately. Good news- it’s not too late to start the treatment.

Trust the Professionals at Bug Authority to Control Your Yard Pests

Yard Pests - An Integrated Treatment

You can protect your family from these pests and the diseases they can carry. Just get the monthly yard service from Bug Authority. It’s a real game changer; you’ll notice an immediate difference. Instead of staying inside to protect yourself, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your yard. You’ll have no more fear of becoming a meal for a flea, tick, or mosquito!

Get Even More Protection

Instead of monthly, you also have the option of getting treatments every three weeks. Treatment every three weeks may be necessary if you are in a particularly problematic area. Additionally, you can add on a treatment anytime the situation warrants. For example, if you plan to have a yard party, you might want some added protection just before the party. 

Bug Authority Serves Five Counties in Middle Tennessee

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